123 Inkjets the Affordable Printer Ink and Toner

Provide the highest quality printer for the highest prices possible. They purchase inventory themselves, making sure that only the best printer supplies are purchased from highly trusted suppliers. Also, they strictly screen all of these products to ensure that their products perform at a level that is in line with the 123-inch jets of high quality and durability.

They always provide their customers with the opportunity to be environmentally responsible while providing tremendous value. Their most significant product line - redesigned ink and toner - are print cartridges that have gone through a lifecycle before being rebuilt with newer parts to facilitate caliber service when it comes to unique. The result is a cartridge that benefits the environment and delivers the savings of used materials directly to the user.

They have experienced tremendous growth since their inception. This incredible 100 Satisfaction Guarantee, award-winning customer service team, and fast delivery service are among the reasons that 99% of their orders were shipped out of their headquarters in Southern California that same day.