Get Discount on Sushi and Japanese Steaks of Benihana

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Benihana – A Famous Steakhouse for Sushi and Japanese Cuisines

Based in Aventura, Benihana is one of the famous American restaurant brands that have their franchises in numerous countries of the world. The founder of the company is Rocky Aoki who laid its foundation back in 1964. It was started as a family business from New York, but today it has at least 77 restaurants in the US, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean also. With this success, the company aims to reach up to 100 restaurants quite soon. The relationship of the company with its employees, investors, and guests is also amazing, and all have collaborated in the success of the brand.

This Japanese-inspired restaurant has great fan-following in the United States. It has become a famous place to meet new friends and to celebrate different life-moments. People also celebrate special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, New Year Eve, and others with their friends and family in this restaurant. Benihana's chefs professionally cook your meal on teppanyaki grills, providing you a great opportunity to enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisines in the US. The most famous things in its menu include steaks, chicken, vegetables, and tasty seafood.

The headquarter of Benihana is in Aventura, Florida, and the current CEO of the brand is Thomas Baldwin. The total number of employees in all its restaurants is more than 7000, and they are increasing day by day because of the increasing franchises. Benihana stands alone as the biggest teppanyaki restaurants operator in the United States. There 67 teppanyaki, 20 RA Sushi, and 4 Haru Sushi restaurants owned by this company. In 2018, Benihana had also officially broken the record of the longest cooking marathon in the Guinness World Record. To get discounts on this restaurant, people also search for Benihana coupons online.

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