CaseMate the Stylish Phone Cases, Protectors and Accessories

CaseMate is the industry leader in stylish and sophisticated phone cases and mobile accessories. They use premium content and functional design to transform your iPhone or Android into an accessory to boast.

Case mats ensure that every design is made to fit your style, along with safety. Whether it's military-grade shock absorbing layers or co-molded 10 'Fit Drop Protection, their products are built to withstand high levels of drop at different levels while maintaining the integrity of the phone. They have different case designs for the latest smartphones, such as iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

For detail and attention design, CaseMate smartphone cases, screen protectors, and Qi-certified wireless chargers come with all the guarantees you can count on! This guarantee is proof of their trust in the product. If you find yourself in need of replacement, their dedicated customer service team is here to help! Happiness through design!