Castify the Best Global Tech Accessories

After almost seven years of preparation, they hit the refresh button.

What started as a simple idea - turning your Instagram photos into custom phone cases - has changed from the very beginning with the expression to be the ultimate case maker for everyone.

What did people do? With their new look, you can expect the same high-quality cases that are designed to be dropped. They have you covered.

They are big fans of self-expression, so they want to interpret dreams that are no less than the best for dreamers and playmakers in their phone matters.

With that in mind, they eventually collaborated with their friends in the studio to get back to them. Their logo and packaging were refreshed, which meant they stood for uniqueness.

Expect lots of vibrant colors, jazz, and even custom giphys to spice up your mirror selfie stories - try to find sassy toffee on the gram.

Don't hit the eyelids. They still have some things on their sleeve that they think you are going to love.

CASETiFY is the fastest growing global tech accessories brand, reaching 1 in 7 thousand. CASETiFY has become a publisher and platform for creative people and expression to connect people. Key collaborations include Farrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, St. Laurent, Thomas Browne, and many more. Also, CASETiFY has partnered with key retail partners, including Nordstrom,,, Anthropology, Amazon, AT&T, Lynn Crawford, and more.