Clarks Comfortable, Stylish Shoes for All and Accessories

Their story began about 200 years ago when Cyrus and James Clark cut the sheepskin. At that time, it was breaking ground. A collection of inventions and craftsmanship is at the heart of what they do. And yet, as always, every pair of their shoes begins with the last thing hand-carved from a single block of hornbeams; sophisticated construction techniques, technology, and modern materials will save them from perfection for the modern world. To help them provide better services.

From the beginning, they have always been thinking differently. And they did different things. Cyrus and James Clark created the world's first foot-shaped shoe in 1825. Choose their children's full size, half size, and width in their latest iPad foot gauge. From sophisticated under-the-pillow cushions to fast prototyping and 3D printing, the brilliant ideas set them apart.

Leonardo Da Vinci described human footing as "an engineering masterpiece and a work of art." And they've studied it to make sure they can take care of it better than anyone else. From rearing to old age. They have seen the way it develops. They have examined its biomechanics, the way they work, relax, and play. They considered what it takes to keep their feet healthy and happy. And what they have learned helps them create the best shoes for you.

His more than 22,000 Clark-style shoes are the shoes that sparked the revolution, praised the race, and embraced imagination. Designed by Nathan Clark, like the famous Clark Desert Boat, launched in 1950, its appeal remains intact.