Coggles the Fashion Wear for Men and Women

Founded in 1974, Coggles is a premium international fashion retailer home to more than 200 men's and women's designer collections from established fashion houses, emerging designers, and extraordinary international labels.

Victoria Badge launched the Coggles in 1974. The story is that she caught her husband in a relationship with his secretary. She immediately divorced him and named her shop secretary 'Sarah Coggles' to remind him of his mistake.

You can also find carefully crafted life sections in Coggles that feature the best of fashion, art, music, photography, and home, as well as new shots with the UK's most extensive street style archives from London and other European cities. It is included regularly. With the elegant simplicity of the site, Coggles celebrates the standard of simple design.

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Coffee Bean the Online Store for Coffee

They are passionate about coffee. That means Coffee Bean expects more from their fruit than just a killer shock of caffeine. Their ability for roasting skills, unparalleled freshness, modern convenience, and fair prices make them the best image you can be.

Like many land lovers, they were tired of choosing between the stale but cheap grocery store Coffee and the overly painful Basic brew. Keeping the trend of tricks and pop culture aside, their direct consumer model and commitment to intelligently roast-to-order refreshments make the standard coffee accessible to everyone with a computer and a mailbox.

Even if old enough, it will taste bad. With this in mind, they roast their premium craft coffees all day long, and especially in small batches.

By trading directly with you online, they ensure the order travels straight from their roster to your doorstep. That way, your coffee will get closer to its roast history.

Their large-scale craft roster is independently owned and operated in the French city of New Jersey. They control every part of the completion process, from roast to post. As a result, they offer a cheaper, different variety and performance of the giants, emphasizing the quality and personal care you find at your local coffee shop. With this dynamic technique, every hand-filled bag is full of your exquisite coffee.