Columbia the Sports Wear for Outdoors

For more than 80 years, the Columbia sportswear company has been building gear for people enjoying the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Chairman Gert Boyle has been ruling for nearly 50 years, and his robust personality has helped Columbia develop into the global sportswear brand it is today. They are still based in Portland, Oregon, and are still making no-nonsense clothing, shoes, and accessories to keep you warm, dry, cold, and cared for. Their sophisticated gear, Pacific Northwest heritage, unmatched spirit, and family business ethics are what set them apart.

Gert's parents were immigrants who fled Nazi Germany in 1938 and settled in Portland, where they purchased a small hat maker, named after the Columbia Hat Company, a famous river in their new home. Were this humble beginning marks new freedom and a new beginning for the family. The business eventually moved from Gert's father to her husband Neil, and then to Gert herself, when she moved from housewife to executive overnight after Neil's sudden demise. Today, Gert's son Tim Boyle is his longtime CEO and his grandson, Joe Boyle who is president of Columbia brand, like his family, has experienced its ups and downs, but enjoying the outdoors has always been an integral part of its success.

Columbia is made up of talented, hardworking people who are just as passionate about the outdoors as you are. And while their products are available all over the world, they are proud to be in the Pacific Northwest, where the royal forests, volcanic mountains, rugged beaches, and wide-open spaces serve as their lab and playground. This is a place where they can go fishing, hunting, camping, climbing, cruising, golf, paddling, and just enjoying the fresh air with friends. Let's join them.