Conceal Plus Minimal Pocket Wallets and Card Holder

Conceal Plus is a Detroit-based company established to manufacture advanced wallets and credit cardholders. They are committed to producing quality content with sophisticated style and functionality, as well as protecting against electronic thieves. Their minimal wallets and cardholders are perfect for day-to-day carry-out or night out in the city; the days of unorganized, giant purses are over. Printer Plus offers the ideal alternative for wallets and cardholders in one package, which is compact, fashionable, and resistant to identity theft.

Their minimal wallets are made of premium materials, RFID blocking technology, and their two years 100% satisfaction-free refund guarantee. Their philosophy is if you are not happy, they are not satisfied!

Card blocker wallets provide security to protect your financial and personal information. Their portfolios prevent all scanning attempts at a frequency of 13.56 MHz that uses credit cards and bank cards. Keep a straight mind in your next pocket, so you know that wherever you go, you are protected.