Connox the Online Unique Interior Design and Accessories

Furniture and home decor that transforms the whole room. Statement pieces; pieces with history; furniture with the name.

You will find endless products that promise new parts of emerging designers along with internationally renowned creative minds like Alvar Aalto, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen.

Many of their products have won design awards, and more than 400 brands have incorporated their names into the quality and production of their products. The close contact with designers and brands around the world ensures that they correct their rankings and ensure that only the best designs of all types are available on the website. Find your ornaments here.

Founded in 2005 by Thilo Haas and Kristian Lenz, Connox is now one of the leading online shops in the designer furniture and home accessories market. More than 125 employees work behind the scenes at Conics. They are a young, enthusiastic team, sharing their passion for interior design. They work together to ensure you have the best purchasing experience - detailed product descriptions and home design inspiration, certified safety standards, speedy delivery, and excellent customer care team help. And be prepared with advice.

The positive feedback from their customers is a reward for their encouragement and hard work. What their users say motivates them to improve continually.