Cotton Trader Stylish Causal Clothing for Men and Women

The Cotton Traders were founded in 1987 by two former England rugby captains, Francis Cotton and Steve Smith. During his last day, playing in the Beaumont's Grand Slam championship team in 1980, the shoulders were a breeze, but buying everyday clothes had to go a little weird. So, together, they come out to create a standard comfortable environment to fit all types and sizes, with a quality that improves with age.

Now in the fifth decade of their friendship and the fourth decade of cotton traders, the company is far more than rugby. However, they have demonstrated their commitment to achieving their excellence and their incredible quality, style, and value. Let's find out, Casual, from their high dynamics to their tight-knit rugby shirts, and from vintage classics to their contemporary women's collections.

Their clothes are meant to last a long time and to love them. And you can be sure they will never settle for another great place. With a rainbow of colors that are naturally breathable and comfortable, they go through a lot of skin-like cottons - so whether you are XS or 5XL, you will find something suitable.