Cowshed Grooming Yourself with Luxuries Body and Bath Product at Home or Spas

When it comes to freshening things up, it was essential to maintain the DNA that made their family and spa treatments special. So they talked to people who, from their spa team to their product formulators and, of course, to their customers, what they tried to discover, what they found in their story. It is the most important.

Cowshed began with a straightforward mission: to calm a small country in the busy lives of people. Today, they are renowned around the world for their originality, role, and compromise of natural remedies for spas and treatments.

An old Cowshed may have known an impossible place to be born for the spa and boundaries of natural products, but that has happened to them. Soho House founder Nick Jones created the original Covered Spa as a retreat at the Backcountry House, enhancing the hospitality and well-being of guests. Perfumer Richard Howard created specialty products for the spa and house using Victorian walled garden ingredients at the grounds. Their expert formulations and environmental and therapeutic rationales mean that guests also want to use them at home, so they did.

Since opening the first spa back in 1998, their community has continued to grow. Now they have space all over London and at Soho House locations, from Berlin to Miami, London to New York. And more recently, Soho House Amsterdam - with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that is unique to Cowshed.

Made in England, their award-winning products use the finest organic and wildcraft plant extracts and essential oils to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Crafted with the essence and essential oils of the WildCraft Plant, their modes are designated for the benefits of their ingredients and how they make you feel. So if you are burned out, calming Lavender and developing Eucalyptus in their best-selling Relax range can help you open up. Or if you are prone to tension and irritability, refill with red mandarin and bitter orange, removing blues while giving your skin and hair beautiful things.

They are unlawful in their use of non-harmful ingredients for animals and humans. They guarantee no parabens, no mineral oils, no silicones, no animal ingredients (don't leave a little organic wax and wildflower honey), and no animal testing (no more, never no).

Although some of their product names have changed and their packaging looks better (and more durable) than ever before, their values will always remain the same. They believe in creating honest, natural products that offer genuine, therapeutic benefits and make a positive difference to your well-being. In other words, they want you to feel good, whether you are using their products at home or experiencing their famous rehab treatment in their space.

Speaking of spas, there is no better way to discover it than to experience one of their signature treatments, Manis to blissful body wraps and rejuvenating facials. Offering very little interest, their spas are incredibly professional but also incredibly down to earth and friendly places where you can relax or unwind with friends.