Dell Refurbished the Computer, Laptop and Electronic Accessories

At Dell Financial Services (DFS), its mission is to "provide financing solutions that enable and strengthen the Dell customer experience." Established in 1997, DFS financially supports consumer and small business customer loans and products sold through Dell in the United States and Canada through fixed-term business loan and lease financing.

As Dell's corporate customers return computers leased to Dell Financial Services LLC (DFS), they select the most advanced system for renewal and make them available for sale through this website. , Officially known as DFS Direct Sales. Their products are visually inspected to ensure the highest quality standards and reliability. Cosmetics may have some flaws in their refined products, but they will not affect performance. Each system sold comes with a 100-day limited warranty.

The Dell Refurbished is your direct source for the Deal of Release for laptops, desktops, servers, computers, and accessories.