Make Your Soul Happy with Pizza My Heart

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Pizza My Heart – A Wonderful Pizza Point

People of San Francisco Bay Area know the taste of Pizza My Heart that is one of the best pizzeria restaurants in California. The brand founded in 1981 with its first even restaurant on the Capitola Beach that has now become a famous landmark among beachgoers and surfers. It was the first summer season that proved to be a turning point for the brand as most tourists praised the taste and quality of their pizzas. After the success on the Capitola Beach, Pizza My Heart has got its restaurants in many big and small cities including Blossom Hill, Campbell, Evergreen, Mountain View, Palo Alto, etc.

The founders of Pizza My Heart, Keith Holtaway and Fred Poulos established the actual theme of the brand. At the time of the creation of this brand, the concept was rare in the whole of California. The current retro Hawaii look of the theme of the brand also attracts lots of food lovers. It’s a family owned business who have no intentions to sell out or franchising. The owners have their view that by franchising their brand, they won’t be able to provide the best quality what they currently offer in California.

If you go through the mission of the company, you’ll come to know that they are committed to providing the highest quality of pizza services. They strive to keep up a level that can compel their customers to bring their other family members and friends also. They believe that the location of a pizza restaurant should be that’s why they opened their first restaurant on the Capitola Beach that is considered one of the ‘funnest’ places in the United States. California people also search for Pizza My Heart coupons to get discounts while paying for its pizzas.

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